PCDGC General Meeting – November 6, 2018 at Panera Bread, Riverside Plaza

Roll Call

Jerry Nichols

Rick George

David Thompson

Dave Trimborn

Jeremy Warshaw

Thomas York

Farley Warshaw

President’s Report

By-laws need to be “cleaned up”. 

USGA new rules for 2019 need to be video recorded before January’s outing.

Secretary’s Report

PCDGC will host FWGAD tournament in 2021. Wastach (Utah) won the bid for 2020.

CA Cup to be held in first weekend of April of 2019 at same location as in past two years.

Interstate 10 Cup (Southern CA vs Arizona) to be held in first weekend of May and it will be two day tournament at Indian Canyon North and South courses in Palm Springs. 

Treasurer’s Report

Financial report needs to be edited to reflect the standard of annual financial report. Will have one ready before next outing in January and will email to members.

Unclaimed CTP prizes shall be used for EOY prize for members only.

Tournament Director’s Report

Nine tournament outings were held with tenth outing cancelled due to heat wave during 2018 calendar year. 

Will continue with Super Bowl raffle prize and explore other type of raffle prizes such as NCAA tournament for fundraising for 2021 FWGAD tournament.

Old Business

  1. PCDGC will host 2021 FWGAD tournament. Passed.

New Business

  1. Change the starting and ending golf season from January to November to August to June and will begin this August of 2018. Passed.
  2. January to June, 2018 will have regular monthly golf outings with no EOY. Passed.
  3. Increase prize from $11 to $20 for monthly golf outing. Passed.
  4. Membership due remains at $25 but will be good for 18 months from January of 2018 to June 2020. Passed.
  5. Proposed the breakdown of prize for monthly golf outing as follows:$2 goes to FWGAD tourney fund$5 will be used for skin with handicap$5 for 4 CTPs and lowest putting$8 for net prizes. Begins in January of 2019. Passed.
  6. For January to June 2018, CTPs prize will be divided equally. Passed
  7. Hole in One (ACE) Fund – Keeps $100 for future winner of hole-in-one and transfer the remaining balance to FWGAD general and 2021 FWGAD tourney, splitting equally. Passed
  8. Proposed to research new website, replacing current website. Passed. Jeremy will investigate new website and share with Board. 
  9. Proposed to establish policy for golfers who cancel golf outing on short notice. Failed.
  10. 10.Proposed an increase to $10 from $5 for guest fee, starting this January of 2019. Passed.


Next golf outing will be Saturday, January 12th.Location will be announced soon.

List of golf outings for January to June will be announced prior January’s golf outing. 


President – Dave Trimborn was elected as President for two year term, starting January 1stof 2019.

Secretary – Farley Warshaw was elected as Secretary for two year term, starting January 1stof 2019.

The Board will determine what course of action to take regarding vacant Tournament Director (it will be vacated when Dave Trimborn begins his new term as President on Jan. 1st). 

Meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm
PCDGC General Meeting- November 11, 2017 at Menifee Country Lakes Golf The meeting was called in order at 2:30 pm by 
Secretary Farley Warshaw. Roll Call – Seven members were present. The minutes from 2016 General Meeting is approved as read.

President’s report – Lou Pedroza stepped down as President.

Tournament Director – List of golf courses to be played for 2018 is proposed to be reviewed by members and get approval. Attached is list of golf courses for 2018.

Secretary – No report

Treasurer – Financial report will be amended to the minutes as soon as possible and will share with members before obtaining approval from members.

Old business – None

New Business –
1. Members approved the election of Jerry Nichols to serve as President for the remaining

    term (until Dec. 2018)
2. Members approved the election of David Thompson to serve as Treasurer for the term of

    2 years. (Until Dec. 2019)
3. Tournament Director – it will remain vacant and will be determined as soon as possible.

    Members will receive notification and will have vote through e-mail. 
4. Golf courses for 2018 monthly tournaments is approved.

 5. Standing Rules: Revisions

A. Change from 8 to 10 sanctioned monthly tournaments with 11th monthly tournament as unsanctioned event. First sanctioned monthly tournament will be 
January of 2018. One unsanctioned monthly tournament will be held in either July or August of 2018. Approved.

B. To be eligible for all End of Year Prizes, members must participate at least 5 monthly tournaments including EOY monthly tournament. Members who participate 
less than 5 is not eligible for the EOY prizes. Approved.

C. Sanctioned monthly tournaments must have at least six members to proceed with golf outing on given month. Less than 6 members, the outing will be cancelled.
The deadline for the determination is three days prior to that month’s monthly tournament. Approved.

D. Handicap of 25 or higher will use red tee regardless yardage as indicated in scorecard. This will replace the requirement of 5799 or more yards. Approved.

E. Monthly tournament’s prize distribution is changed. At every monthly tournament, golfers who paid $10 for prizes will be used as follows:

a) 10 or less golfers at the outing – $5 will be used for Gross/Net winners. $5 will be distributed equally for 3 CTPs and 1 Lowest Putting. If there is no winner on a CTP hole,
 the prize will be added to EOY prizes.

b) 11 or more golfers at the outing – $5 will be used for Gross/Net winners. $5 will be distributed equally based on 10 golfers. Extra money will be earmarked for additional
EOY prizes. Approved.

6. 2020 FWGAD tournament. Members approved the exploratory of finding potential site for 2020 FWGAD tournament to be hosted by PCDGC. Members will be shared of our    recommendation and get approval before we submit the bid at FWGAD this summer of 2018. Announcements:

    CA Cup – Farley Warshaw will get more information regarding 2018 CA Cup and share with members and non-members.

    CA/AZ Desert Cup – Jerry Nichols will get more information regarding possible CA/AZ Desert Cup in 2018 and will share with members and non-members.

    Meeting is adjourned at 3:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Farley Warshaw 

PCDGC Member meeting,  November 12, 2016 at Los Serranos GC

President Louis Pedroza called the 2016 meeting to order at 10:01 am at the Los Serranos Golf Club lounge. 

President Pedroza presented his agenda

  • Tournament formats for 2017
  • Match play, red, blue and white, 
  • Stableford, team scramble

Bought markers for Long Distance 

Set up a Law Committee

Courses for 2017???

Tournament Director Dave Trimborn presented his agenda….

  • Raffles
  • Fundraising projects for 2017?
  • Super Bowl pool
  • Reserve courses for January and February 2017 ASAP!
  • Beginning in 2017, members will need to participate in 5 tournaments prior to the 2017 end of year tournament.  

Treasurer David Thompson reported that there is about $1200 in the PCDGC treasury.  He was asked to present 

the figures in a more detailed report to present to the membership by the January 2017 meeting.

Secretary Jerry Nichols came forward to explain the two different tournament formats for the members to consider. I

t was agreed by the members to go for the competition like the Fedex which the pros use.

The members chose Louis Pedroza, Farley Warshaw and David Thompson to serve on the Law Committee for 2017.

It was agreed by the membership that the terms of the 4 officers be staggered; President and Secretary during even 

numbered years and Tournament Director and Treasurer during odd numbered years.

Louis Pedroza and Farley Warshaw were elected as President and Secretary for the 2017-2018 year term. 

Dave Trimbon and David Thompson will continue to serve as Tournament Director and Treasurer for the 2017 term. 

It was agreed by the membership to increase the annual dues from $20 to $25 beginning in 2017. $15 to go to the treasury 

and $10 to the end of year tournament fund.

It was agreed by the membership that the 2016 MVP will get to choose one of the courses for 2017. 

It was agreed by the membership that the 2016 PCDGC Champion will have his green fee paid by the PCDGC treasury for 

the month of his own choosing. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.