PCDGC Golfers,

Finally, the weather “listened” to our instruction for a nice sunny day at Seven Hills Golf Course last Saturday.  We welcome Patrick Rubio to the club!  David Thompson was all smiles because he captured the first place with a net score of 71.  Nathan Bayarsky and Rick George tied for 2nd place with a net score of 72.  Because Nathan Bayarsky had the lower HC rating, he won the prize for 2nd place.   David Ramirez and Robert Audette were third with a 73 net score; David Ramirez had the lower HC rating so he got the prize money for 3rd place. Nathan Bayarsky got 4th place in Net Scores. David Ramirez finished with the lowest gross score of 80 followed by Jose Sermeno who had 85. There were 4 Par 3 holes.  No one got on Hole 2 on their first shot.  But we have a winner for the next three Par 3 holes.  Congratulations to the prize winners.  Everyone’s a winner because we all seemed to have a great time, shared laughs and groans, and  all the players finished before dark.

Pete Seiler, Secretary

Net Score

1. David Thompson 71 $55

2. Nathan Bayarsky 72 (Lower HC) $45

3. Rick George 72 $35

4. David Ramirez 73 (Lower HC) $30

5. Robert Audette 73 $20

6. Carlos Andrade 74 $15

7. Mark Bayarsky 76

8. Farley Warshaw 77

9. Kyle Bayarsky 78

10. Doug Ellis 78

11. Timothy Hile 78

12. Jose Sermeno 79

13.Dave Trimborn 79

14. Mike Torres 80

15. Matt Cerar 82

16. Ken Clark 84

17. Ken Watson 86

18. Peter Seiler 87

19. Patrick Rubio 95

Gross Score

1. David Ramirez 80

2. Jose Sermeno 85

3. Dave Trimborn 91

4. Mark Bayarsky 91

5. Farley Warshaw 91

6. David Thompson 91

7. Mike Torres 92

8. Nathan Bayarsky 95

9. Ken Clark 97

10. Kyle Bayarsky 97

11. Rick George 98

12. Matt Cerar 102

13. Carlos Andrade 103

14. Robert Audette 103

15. Tim Hile 107

16. Doug Ellis 107

17. Ken Watson 113

18. Pete Seiler 119

19. Patrick Rubio 126


1. David Ramirez 27 $10

2. Kyle Bayarsky 28

All others had a putt total of 30 or more.


Hole 5 Nathan Bayarsky 23 feet 6 inches $10

Hole 12 Farley Warshaw 2 feet 4 inches $1

Hole 16 Jose Sermenos 18 feet 0 inch


Hole 8 Matt Cerar $14

Hole 14 Robert Audette $13

Hole 15 Mark Bayarsky $13

To find the skins for each hole, look at the Gamebook; there is a heading on top of the

leaderboard. Only three golfers won skins. Matt made a skin on a hole that has HC 1 so he

gets $14.

The next tournament will be on Saturday, Feb. 4th. Circle the date. Dave Trimborn will let us



1. Mike Torre            C,S
    Jose Sermeno       G
     David Ramirez    ,S
     Tony Barksdale   M

2. Ken Clark              G
     Doug Ellis             C,S
     Mark Bayarsky     M
     Ken Watson          C,S

3. Farley Warshaw    G
     Rick George          C,S
     Dave Trimborn      C,S
     Kyle Bayarsky        M

4. Tim Hile                   C,S
     Nathan Bayarsky   M
     David Thompson  C,S
     Carlos Andrade.     G

5. Pete Seiler               G
     Bobby Audette       CS
     Patrick Rubio           M

Date:                           January 7, 2023.

First Tee Time;           10:00 AM

Player Limit:               24 Golfers

Golf Course:              Seven Hills Golf Club                  

                                     1537 S. Lyon Ave                                                                        

                                     Hemet, CA 92543    

Website:             https://golfsevenhills.com/                                           

Green Fee         $47.00. Payable at the pro shop. 

                               Range balls are not included in the fee.

Prize Fee –    Members $20.

Non-members/guests pay $30.  

Payable via Cash App at $PCDGC1.

The fee is for prizes for Net winners, CTPs, Skins and Putting.

DEADLINE – Monday, January 2, 2023, by 5:00 PM

 Group picture and short meeting please meet at 9:30 AM near the pro shop. 

Scorecard can be found on the course website and below.

Additional Information: This is the 5th of 10 tournaments.  Please remember that you need a minimum of 5 tournaments to qualify for the end of the year tournament prizes.

Also, if you are not a member yet, you can still be one.  Membership fee is $30.00.  You will be eligible for End of Year prizes and will get all notices that are sent only to members.  Members also vote for new officers and business (add to By Laws, fees and prizes money and more).  Send $30 to Cash App ($PCDGC1). 

Pacific Coast Deaf Golf Club Board