PCDGC Tournament Director

We as the board members strive to find the best possible golf course according to the weather and golf courses at the most reasonable price.  We are fortunate to have Arrowood Golf Course this coming Saturday with the temperature at 78 degrees. It is a PLUS to be a PCDGC member!  
PCDGC Golf Tournament #2: Arrowood Golf Course in Oceanside 

Website: Arrowood Golf Course: Homearrowoodgolf.com

DATE: Saturday, September 19th

TIME: 12:50 pm 

RATE: $55 including cart and requires two golfers per cart.  If you prefer going solo then it is $10 extra.
If you wish to play Skins, pay $5 to Jon Mowl at $JonMowl prior to our tournament.

Meet at 12:30pm for a brief meeting . We will take pictures then a brief announcement.