Hi Fellow PCDGC Members and Nonmembers,
We are all set for this coming Saturday with 26 golfers.

PCDGC Golf Tournament #3: Oak Valley Golf Club at Beaumont.  http://www.oakvalleygolf.com

DATE: Saturday, October 17th
TIME:   12:00 noon tee off. Meet for instructions, details, and photos at 11:30am

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:   Get your scorecard from Doug that has a label showing a pair of golfers on the scorecard.  Please write both first names on the scorecard. Be extremely CLEAR in writing both names and numbers.  Upon the golf game, count the scores and both golfers sign your name on the scorecard, then PLEASE GIVE THE SCORECARD DIRECTLY TO JEREMY WARSHAW.  

Please watch a video message for this Saturday’s golf at Oak Valley. Also please watch this second video message for rules and scorecard.
https://youtu.be/ucFJagGjf4U – Oct 17th Oak Valley
https://youtu.be/TMRNwEKZTSE Scorecard
Attachment on Pairings and Duties is included in this email

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