PCDGC Golfers,
It was super day when we played at San Juan Hills last Sunday, August 30th! Weather was so perfect with a cool 77 degrees! 
PCDGC is pleased as we welcomed 7 new golfers to PCDGC! They are:

Keith Adams
Matt Cerar
Alex Beard
Jeff Lubman
Branton Stewart
Fred Zhon
Ken Watson
David Elliott

Keith Adams broke the PCDGC record for lowest Net Score with 57! Previous record holder was Ken Clark with 58. 

Record (click here)

Congratulations are in order for the following golfers:

Net Score winner:

Keith Adams – 57 (He rediscovered his new driver’s shaft and blew away the field)

Gross Score winner:

Lou Pedroza – 77

Fewest Putts

Jon Mowl – 28

CPTs: Kyle Bayarsky, Mark Bayarsky, Ken Clark, Lou Pedroza

Below is results:

Gross, Net, Putts & Prizes (check here)

Golf of the Year (click here)

Skins Game Results

1) R. Audette – 4 Skins Winner!!!! He won all holes with EAGLES.  Hole #1, #13, #15, #17. 

2) J. Mowl – 1 Skin Winner – Hole #2 

3) D. Trimborn – 1 Skin Winner – Hole #4
Please see attached spreadsheet for results.  Thank you and see you on the course soon!
Winners will receive cash via cash app from Jon. Thanks.Jon

Golf GameBook tips: CTPs

Please go to https://online.golfgamebook.com/leaderboard/2ue-g9ocfor all golfers’ Net, Gross, CTPs. To find CTPs, go to where the red circle is and go to “Contest”. You will see CTPs. I suggest you practice by browsing GolfGame and get familiar with it. It is useful and all information is there. 

Upcoming Tournament

Next golf outing will be SEPT 19th at ARROWOOD Golf Club in Oceanside, CA. Doug Ellis will send out information later this week. 
Also, I will send out information about the I-10 Cup which will be held in Phoenix, AZ this November 14/15th. 
It was good to see 23 golfers yesterday! I look forward to seeing more golfers in the coming months! Have a good week!