PCDGC Golfers,
The day was dominated by golfers whose first name is David?. David Reynolds won 1st place in net score for the very first time in his career! Another David followed by David Ramirez who captured 2nd place. Dave Trimborn decided to keep David in line with third place. Not too far down the line is David Thompson who won 6th place. So in essence 4 David won the total prize of $180! Congratulations to all Davids!
The net score showed how close among golfers. David Reynolds won with 72 followed by David Ramirez with 73 and Dave Trimborn with 74. 
Top gross scorer the honor goes to Mike Mabashov as he and Lou Pedroza tied with 80 but Mike has lower HC than Lou. 
The par 3 holes (4 of them) refused to give us a lot of chances to land balls on green. Only one golfer made CTP on each hole 3, 6, and 15. On hole 11 two golfers did land the ball on green. However we have 4 CTP winners!
David Thompson was about to celebrate the fewest  putt until the 18th hole when he putted 4 times giving Alfred Casaccia a victory with 29 putts. David had 30! David, there is a next time!
Jeremy has accumulated “FEDEX” Points and is leading into the final round next month. Whoever wins the most points will be rewarded with a free round of his choice next season!
Golfers who already participated 4 times before next month will be eligible for the End of Year prize if they participate in the final 10th event on Saturday, June 12th. More details will be shared sometimes this week. 
There will be a video message about May 22nd as well as June 12/13th tournament sometimes this week. Also the minute of the meeting will be shared, too. 
Skins – Wow, there were too many ties and only 3 winners! Joseph Tsai won two skins and Branton Stewart with one skin. Since there were only three winners they collected hefty prizes! Joseph’s wallet was fattened up with $57 and Branton Stewart with $28. 18 of us joined in the Skin competition and the proof is that anyone can win!

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