PCDGC Member meeting,  November 12, 2016 at Los Serranos GC

President Louis Pedroza called the 2016 meeting to order at 10:01 am at the Los Serranos Golf Club lounge. 

President Pedroza presented his agenda

  • Tournament formats for 2017
  • Match play, red, blue and white, 
  • Stableford, team scramble

Bought markers for Long Distance 

Set up a Law Committee

Courses for 2017???

Tournament Director Dave Trimborn presented his agenda….

  • Raffles
  • Fundraising projects for 2017?
  • Super Bowl pool
  • Reserve courses for January and February 2017 ASAP!
  • Beginning in 2017, members will need to participate in 5 tournaments prior to the 2017 end of year tournament.  

Treasurer David Thompson reported that there is about $1200 in the PCDGC treasury.  He was asked to present 

the figures in a more detailed report to present to the membership by the January 2017 meeting.

Secretary Jerry Nichols came forward to explain the two different tournament formats for the members to consider. I

t was agreed by the members to go for the competition like the Fedex which the pros use.

The members chose Louis Pedroza, Farley Warshaw and David Thompson to serve on the Law Committee for 2017.

It was agreed by the membership that the terms of the 4 officers be staggered; President and Secretary during even 

numbered years and Tournament Director and Treasurer during odd numbered years.

Louis Pedroza and Farley Warshaw were elected as President and Secretary for the 2017-2018 year term. 

Dave Trimbon and David Thompson will continue to serve as Tournament Director and Treasurer for the 2017 term. 

It was agreed by the membership to increase the annual dues from $20 to $25 beginning in 2017. $15 to go to the treasury 

and $10 to the end of year tournament fund.

It was agreed by the membership that the 2016 MVP will get to choose one of the courses for 2017. 

It was agreed by the membership that the 2016 PCDGC Champion will have his green fee paid by the PCDGC treasury for 

the month of his own choosing. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.