As of April 7

 Men’s handicap is capped at 32.
 Women’s handicap is capped at 40

Understanding the Handicap Index and Course index

  • The Handicap Index is measured your skills and is calculated based on scores from multiple rounds.
  • The Course Index indicates the difficulty of a course, considering factors like slpoe, obstacles such as lakes, doglegs, trees. Courses with more challenges and obstacles have higher Course Index values.

The rule for tee box placements:

  • A golfer with a handicap index of 14.9 or lower will not be adjusted to move down to a lower tee box and will be assigned to the blue tee. If a golfer has the option to move up to a higher tee box, they may do so.

  • A golfer who is above the age of 60 has the option to choose which tee box they want.

Note:  A golfer needs to inform the board and committee about their preferred tee choice at the start of the tournament.

Adams, Keith17.0
Andrade, Carlos26.6
Kenny Andrews17.4
Audette, Robert31.5
Barksdale, Anthony10.6
Bayarsky, Kyle21.1
Bayarsky, Mark16.8
Bayarsky, Nathan24.4
Beard, Alex* (1)
Casaccia, Alfred11.3
Cerar, Matt22.6
Clark, Ken15.9
DeHoyos, Adrian19.0
Delfosse, Edward27.1
Edwards, Jacob*7.8 (2)
Ellis, Doug29.9
Ewald, Edward23.3
Finneran, Mike12.1
George, Clayton3.3
George, Rick25.3
Hile, Tim31.1
Lubman, Jeff35.2
Mabashov, Michael2.1
Pedroza, Louis3.5
Ramirez, David7.8
Reynolds, David31.8
Seiler, Pete36.4
Sermeno, Jose9.8
Thompson, David22.5
Torres, Mike15.8
Trimborn, Dave16.3
Warshaw, Farley16.5
Watson, Ken23.7 (27.5)
Witczak, Walt28.3
Inactive Members
York, Thomas27.9
Zhou, Fred* (1)
Angoornai, Kaveh32.5
Cole, Davy36.4
Weiss, Norman43.8
Watson, Tory16.1
Rutowski, Paul6.1
Prioleau III, Abe17.2
Nichols, Jerry27.8
Price, Ryan40.4
Kim, James6.8
Spigelmire, Anthony
Darrin Green
Elliott, Dave20.9
Duran, Kaleb25.6
Letizo, Robert* (2)
Mabashov, Michael1.8
Maucere, John15.1
Mowl, Jon6.5
Rubio, Patrick42.0
Stewart, Branton31.2
Tsai, Joseph16.1
Warshaw, Jeremy9.6