Farley prepared an excellent report of the two days of golf tournaments.  We want to share with members and nonmembers.   Next year, you might want to join the PCDGC and play in the End of the Year events.
It was a glorious two days of golfing at Soboba Springs Country Club last Saturday and Sunday! Weather was perfect and the condition of the golf course was perfect!
The competition was intense on both days. No lead was safe. Everyone moved up or down the leaderboard almost every minute!
In the end Ken Clark, Keith Adams, and Farley Warshaw tied with -2 for 1st place in net score. However, Ken won 1st place because he has the lowest handicap among three golfers. Congratulations, Ken! In addition, he has not broken under 80 for a long time with a score of 79!
Second day, every golfer battled and again, the leaderboard changed every time the hole ended. Only one golfer who stood out was Ken Watson! He had a bad day on Saturday when he finished with 115. He woke up and decided he will play a new Ken Watson. Good enough he finished with 87 and net score was 69! What a turn around for him!
Now for the EOY result, which combined the net score from both rounds for grand prize. Farley Warshaw who never won 1st place in any PCDGC event since he joined finally captured the first place with the total score of 146! Everyone who participated in EOY got the cash prize!
We had a general meeting last Saturday at Emilio Mexican Restaurant and new officers were elected for the 2023-2024 season. They are:
President – Tony Barksdale
Tournament Director – Dave Trimborn
Secretary – Mike Finneran
Treasurer – Carlos Andrade
Congratulations to them! May they serve PCDGC the best!
On a different subject – PCDGC wishes Pete a speedy recovery from an injury he sustained while at Soboba Springs. Hopefully he will recover in time for next season.
Nov 4th is the last day before Daylight Saving Time ends so we will be able to golf in the afternoon. 
March 16th is picked because Daylight Savings begins on March 10th. We will be able to golf in the afternoon. 
PCDGC Board will decide which 1st weekend or 2nd weekend in June for EOY. CSDR closes on June 7th. 
Have a good summer! See you in the fall!
Here is result below