Hey golfers,

The rain cleared up just enough for us to play golf today, although we had to skip the last two holes due to the weather. Despite the muddy conditions, the course was relatively empty, and it wasn’t as bad as we anticipated. Congratulations to Robert Audette, who secured victory with a low net score of 74. You can find the full results in the attached document.

In the match play results, Mike emerged victorious with a score of 6 & 5 over Ken Watson. While they were neck and neck at the beginning, Ken faltered in the last few holes. Better luck next time, Ken.

Today’s scheduled match between Robert Audette and Jacob Edwards didn’t happen as Jacob failed to show up. We’re awaiting Robert’s decision on whether Jacob will be forfeited or if the match will be rescheduled.

We were fortunate to have two special guests join us today: Kyle Bayarsky and Brendan Stern, who have been friends since childhood, played alongside us. It’s always a pleasure to see young golfers like them, who value the game and its role in their lives. They brought an enjoyable energy to our round.

As a reminder, we currently have five people registered for our next tournament on March 2nd at Yacaipa Valley. The deadline for registration is Monday, February 26th at 5 pm,.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the course again soon! Mike

Match Play (Update)
Ken Watson 
Michael Finneran 2
David Thompson 0 

1/11 Mike won 7 & 5 over David
2/21 Mike won 6 & 5 over KW
Dave Trimborn 1
Kyle Bayarasky 0
Farley Warshaw 1
1/5 Dave won 2 & 1 over Kyle
1/9 Farley won 5 & 3 over Dave
Tony Barksdale,
Mark Bayarasky,
Scheduled for Friday 2/23
Jacob Edwards 1
Robert Audette,

Jacob won over Robert 3 & 2

 Match Play Participants 

Mike Finneran
Dave Trimborn
Kyle Bayarsky
David Thompson
Farley Warshaw
Robert Audette
Tony Barksdale
Mark Bayarsky
Ken Watson
Jacob Edwards