PCDGC Golfers,
It was a nice day at Oak Valley when 24 of us played golf. The golf course was enjoyable except when it came to looking for golf balls that were sunk deeply in the rough areas. Boy it took us a lot of minutes to look for balls even after we hit many nice shots but the balls decided to take off the fairways and rest in rough areas. Tony was in my group and he hit a few unbelievable balls from tee boxes only to find untraceable balls. That is golf! Every golf course offers unique characteristic style and we deal with it?
The best part of the tournament was that we have winners who have not won any prize in the past year or two! We started with Rick George! He won 1st place with a net score of 64! Also, a rookie on the tour, Kaleb Duran, came in 2nd place with 65! Ken Watson is thrilled he finally climbed up on the leaderboard by securing 5th place! 
Jon and Louis tied with 82 for lowest gross score. Given the course style, I consider 82 a good score for them!
Mark and Jon tied for lowest putts with 31! So they splitted $10. 
CTPs – We have 4 different winners. Dave Trimborn, Ken W, EE, and Kaleb each won a CTP. Dave’s CTP at hole 3 was 2 feet away from his dream of making the 1st hole in one in his life! Keep on trying!
Skins – We have 5 skins but David Thommpson won two skins. Each skin equals $14. 14 golfers participated. 
In addition to the tournament, there were two  match games taking place. Mark led 2 up over Ken W with two holes left. Unfortunately Ken did not allow Mark to go home with a victory! It ended up with a tied match! Both earned 1/2 point for tied match. Second match play between David Thompson and Thomas York. They battled down to the wire and Thomas escaped with victory, 2 up over David. 
I will send out a video message soon about the FWGAD tournament, Winter Cup, PCDGC Cup in December. 
I will pay via cash app for skin winners and Jeremy will pay for prizes. 
Next golf tournament is Saturday, Nov 6th at Menifee Lake CC, Palm Course. First tee is 11:30 am. It will be the last time before daylight saving ends which is on Nov. 7th. After that we will play between 10 am and 11 am until March or April. 
Have a good week!
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Hi PCDGC Members and Nonmembers,

PCDGC Golf Tournament #3 is this Saturday (October 16, 2021) at The Oak Valley Golf Club.

In my last email announcing this tournament, I said that the green fee was $58.00. It is now $60.00. Oak Valley Golf Club added a service fee of $2.00 which makes the green fee at $60.00.  Range balls are included in the green fee.  Pay the green fee at the pro shop.

As previously stated, the pairings are arranged with blue tees players in the beginning groups first. Oak Valley course is longer than average.  We have a goal of finishing no later than five hours.

Oak Valley has also informed us that the restaurant is closed but the snack bar is open.  The management advised all of us to bring our own water.

The Scorecard is attached. After both golfers sign their scorecard, don’t forget to return the signed scorecards to Farley. Thanks.

Date:                            Saturday, October 16, 2021.

First Tee Time;           12:00 pm  

Golf Course:                Oak Valley Golf Club

                                       1888 Golf Club Drive

                                        Beaumont, CA 92223

Website:                      http://www.oakvalleygolfclub.com/                                        


 Pairings:  See the pairings below. There will be two match plays during this tournament.

Prize breakdown








CTP – $10 per hole – Hole 3, 6, 11, 14

Putting – $10

Skins – $5. Pay Farley via Cash App at $farleywar

Group picture and short meeting please meet at 11:30 am near the putting area. 

 Next Tournament: November 6, 2021 at Menifee Lakes Country Club

                                      29875 Menifee Lakes Dr.

                                       Menifee, CA

PCDGC looks forward to seeing you at the golf course on the 16th

Pete Seiler, Secretary