Yesterday PCDGC golfers embarked on a wonderful round of golf at Dad Miller where Louis’ home course is. It was filled with excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments for all golfers.

The course was in pretty good condition, with  beautiful fairways and  a bit of noticeable punched greens. 

Each golfer displayed impressive skill, hitting long drives down the fairway and sinking remarkable putts. They supported and encouraged each other, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Birdies and pars were recorded.  But even amidst the competitive spirit, the joy of simply being outdoors, surrounded by nature, was never lost. 

As the round progressed, the players encountered various challenges, including bunky bunkers and challenging some holes. They skillfully navigated these obstacles, showcasing their dedication to the game.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Gross score: Michael Mabashov 70 

He knows how to navigate his game even with his new baby. 

Net score: Matt Cerar 66

He seems to play better with his new wife. 

Lowest Putter: Mark Bayarsky 25

Perhaps he practices more with his new job. 

For CTPs and Skins winners, please see the attachment.

In the end, it was not just the golf that made the day wonderful but the combination of the course and competitors  and the shared love of the game.  They created wonderful memories.  

Next tournaments:

10/18 Seniors at Jurupa Hills at 9 am

11/1 Seniors at Menifee at 930

11/11 PCDGC at Rancho del Sol

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