What a beautiful day for golf! For those who missed today’s round, you missed out on a great time. Hope to see you at the next golf outing—please do the survey (in a separate email) for your preferences, so we can book a golf course accordingly.

First and foremost, a big thank you to Jose Sermeno, who joined us from Northern California and thoroughly enjoyed his time at Jurupa Hills Country Club with PCDGC golfers. Thank you! 

Thirteen golfers competed over 18 holes with their respective handicaps. I would like to acknowledge certain golfers for their achievements.

Special thanks to David Thompson for his diligent work on handicaps; they are quite accurate based on past scores. He responded swiftly with right handicaps according to which tee box. 

Kudos to Dave Trimborn for booking Jurupa Hills and organizing the foursomes. He knows how to make golfers feel fair and comfortable.

A shoutout to Farley Warshaw for the gamebook. He’s well-versed in this app, and it’s amazing that it’s free to use.

Appreciation for Carlos, who has an eagle eye for financial accuracy and promptly sent us money after the final and official results.

A big thanks to Tony Barksdale for his creative mind and efforts in keeping PCDGC strong and stable.

Lastly, thanks to all the golfers for coming to Jurupa Hills.

Now,  the results are attached.   


Two golfers decided to withdraw due to COVID – a smart move on their part.   Wish them to get better soon. 

Three walkers were Ken Clark, Jacob Edwards and Mike Finneran.   Hope to see more.  

Congrats to winner Jacob who joined PCDGC only last fall.    

Welcome back Keith Adams who has not seen his principal Mike since he moved to Riverside.  

9 golfers came to Heroes for the 19th hole gathering.   Fun.  Here is the picture.