Good afternoon, PCDGC golfers. 

Weather cooperated with us this time! I think it will be the last time we wear “winter clothes” until next year!

There were 28 golfers who participated in last Saturday’s golf at Menifee and we broke the record for having more than 27 golfers at a tournament! Congratulations to us! 

Thomas York continues to reap rewards by winning the Net score of 72! Mike Mabashov and Lou Pedroza tied for lowest Gross score of 77! Only advantage Mike has over Lou is that Mike got two birdies and Lou got one! Jeremy Warshaw and Tony Barksdale matched Mike with 2 birdies from each. 

Mike added $10 to his treasure chest by winning the fewest putts with 30! That is a good number!

Four different golfers, Doug Ellis, Keith Adams, Adrian DeHoyos, and Tony Barksdale won CTP holes. Tony’s dream of hole in one came short with just 15 inches from hole! Tony, keep on dreaming one day you get Hole in One!

Skins – There were 5 winners but Ken Clark won twice. Jeremy Warshaw, Thomas York, and Robert Audette each won one skin.